Short bio: (Pls scroll down for the English intro)

Geboren mitten in Schleswig-Holstein, dem Bundesland mit Horizonten, erblickte ich am 28. August 1949 das Licht der Welt.
Ich ging 4 Jahre lang in HUJE zur Schule, wo ich lesen, schreiben und rechnen lernte.
Alleiniger Lehrer für 9 Schuljahrgänge dort war mein Vater.
Die ersten Jahre auf einem Gymnasium in Itzehoe (Kaiser-Karl-Schule) waren für mich auf- und anregend und einfach nur spannend und sehr bereichernd.
Später in Kiel machte ich mein Abitur (1968) und beschloss, Lehrer zu werden. Studium in Kiel und Berlin (FU) und erster Auslandsaufenthalt in England (Shrewsbury) bestätigten meine Pläne.
Nach Gründung einer Familie ging ich mit meiner damaligen Frau 
zunächst nach Scharnebeck bei Lüneburg, anschließend nach Windhuk, Namibia.
Nach 6 Jahren und 4 weiteren Jahren in Dannenberg bewarb ich mich 
als Fachberater des Goethe – Instituts in Brisbane, Australien, wo ich über 7 Jahre den Bereich  „Deutsch als Fremdsprache“ (DaF) im Department of Education betreute. Seit 1980 zahlreiche Fortbildungen und Ausbildung als Beratungslehrer und COACH. Von 2005 bis Mitte 2012 lebte und arbeitete ich in Dannenberg / Elbe. Ich habe im Juli 2012 den aktiven Schuldienst verlassen (ATZ).

I have worked as a teacher of English and German for more than 30 years and lived in a small town between Hamburg and Berlin until mid 2012.  This blog focusses on life skills for adults and young students from 12 / 14 years on, related to education and autonomous learning beyond the classroom. I will publish some ideas, impressions of my days and tasks which might lead you into thinking about yourself intended to help you training yourself in thinking clearly, writing regularly and improving your general soft skills to become a successful student and happy person.

I am writing in English though German because I firmly believe in bilingual concepts like immersion from childhood on, and in Europe and around the world English has become a WORLD language. So read and write English as often as you can and get a „feel“ for the language! This will help you to communicate beyond the area where you are born or where you „happen“ to be and go to school, if still a student.

I am a fan of the  >desert! My daughter LISA once said to her friends in school: „You have to see the desert before you die!“
This picture shows you what she meant.

For educators and more advanced readers some more hints:

I am interested in ideas about „Learning beyond the classroom“ as during my life as a teacher I often felt that learners relying only on „stuff taught in the classroom“ might have problems later in their exams or even in their life not having learnt enough while at school. And found it hard later to catch up!

Teachers today are more or less COACHES  like in tennis, as they can only support or accompany their students. What young people learn these days is much more than „stuff“ taught in schools …. they have a lot to chew on and even more to digest!

What some experts have called the „secret curriculum“ of schools is one thing – another is to openly and honestly discuss how learning can succeed these days plus develop individual strategies and group interactions to face and manage REAL TASKS and CHALLENGES…In case you are getting bored, talk to your friends and parents AND your teacher as well. It really helps and it really works! Do not WASTE your TIME in school!

My intention is clearly not to discourage the learner: Your brain is large enough to learn 3 or even more languages and learn HOW to read successfully! Once you know how to read properly and effectively and once you know exactly WHAT you want to read and digest, no one will be able to stop you from learning about the WORLD and about YOURSELF. Find out WHO you ARE!

Good luck

and take care!



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