Restoring a Queenslander

Having coffee today in one of my favourite surf clubs at Currumbin Beach, where I am a “social member” now, I happened to come across an article in the weekend AUSTRALIAN, written by Margot Shave: “Before and after: a digital journey”. She writes about “Renovaters of Queenslanders” sharing their knowledge on blogs: Two couples restoring a house type which has become a national icon. I have seen Queenslanders advertised for more than 2 M. When I first came to Brisbane in 1998, they were the houses I liked most.

Here the two BLOGS, where Anita and her husband and Brian and Katja share their experiences of restoring their homes. The houses they bought are more than 100 years old.

  • > LINK   Where to find your stuff…when interested in craftwork.
  • > LINK   Anita Lewis and husband about renovating their home.
  • > LINK   Brian and Katja Hay: Renovating their Queenslander in Graceville in the South of Brisbane.

World famous > Currumbin Ecovillage is about 15km from the beach in the Hinterland.  Here the > LINK
Pls be aware the video on the left button is not a report but advertising to buy land there. Dogs and cats are not allowed in this community.

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