We don’t need no …

Peter H Bloecker | published on FB on 24 MARCH 2013

Message to all my FB friends: I consider closing my account for various reasons/no need to discuss here! Pls note my new mail address under my name p.bloecker and then server of > hotmail dot / de for private and com for business / until further notice. I will not be able to contact former students via FB mail account any more / in case you lose me or want to contact me check out > bloecker.wordpress.com  via Google  / my new domain on the net is http://phbloecker.com

Now a little help from my friends: I have spent a lot of time on the net following my own learning curve and will limit this now to a few hours per day / I do not answer any Q’s like „how are you“ (good) and „what is your new life like in OZ“ / „what are you doing there etc“ / instead I am reading real books plus a lot of stuff I’m really interested in on the net and am bloggin‘ / I plan to intensify my own writing as the first feedback on my two BLOGS is more or less encouraging… / so if you want to follow me up just visit my BLOG 1st (education) and 2nd  (my life | life skills) and send me feedback, critical feedback is welcome / last not least: I am working on a FAQ site for both BLOGs so pls send me your questions / pls THINK FIRST THEN WRITE – or not / I will collect them and then publish them in my preferred interview form,

Pls send your comments via mail and not via FB.
Good luck for all of you and take care 🙂
Yours phb


„I don’t need no education | I don’t need no thought control“

(Pls do never forget the 2nd part of this song line ) – Once a teacher you will always be a TEACHER  | sorry to let you know: Many people hate teachers, but cannot explain why when asked…

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Ex - teacher of English and German, retired since AUG 2015. Teacher at the DHPS Windhoek, Namibia, from 1988-2004. Living in North Germany near LG and at the Gold Coast in QLD Australia. German Language Adviser of the Goethe-Institut Sydney from 1998 - 2005, based in Brisbane, Education QUEENSLAND. Coordinator & Director at Fritz Reuter Gymnasium, Dannenberg (Elbe) from 2005 - 2012. Active blogger and active citizen plus digital nomad - from time to time ...

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