ACO VIRTUAL installation at the Gold Coast Art Centre (1st-23rd JUNE 2013)

5 orch
I’m just back from the box office of the Arts Centre of the Gold Coast (Bundall), where I bought some tickets for the late performance of „The Great Gatsby“…on the way to my car I heard some wonderful BACH Music which sounded like a whole orchestra!
Inquiring I happened to come to a room with a most wonderful Virtual Installation which should not be missed:
The Australian Chamber Orchestra was filmed against screens, capturing audio and three-dimensional images of each individual musician. You can see the world-first interactive installation: With 13 loudspeakers you will imagine the whole orchestra sits right in front of you when closing your eyes.
More infos here via the website of the Arts Centre Gold Coast – no entry fees!

This installation will be exhibited at galleries and museums in Australia and around the globe…

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