I do not believe it…

David Meagher writes in the last Australian weekend edition about „Studies in stupidity…“
Example one
A woman goes to the vet and asks him, why her dog is always barking…
After a longer diagnosis and having paid some hundred dollars she gets the result: The dog kept barking as it wanted to have a walk!
Example two
Now you want more, I guess. A QLD University report stated recently that people walking in the streets and texting or reading messages are taking a higher risk than those who do not use a device while walking…
Surprise, surprise…the scientists found out and proved that texting or reading messages while walking affects people‘ safety! I AM STUNNED… Recently a boy fell onto the rails while a train was entering the station. Obviously he was reading and texting while walking and had not noticed he was close to the rails and the train, which was so far away that some passengers were able to pull the boy back to the platform before the train squeezed him to death…

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