My third life in Australia

I visited a new artisan bakery here at Burleigh Waters, corner James Street, and bought some excellent sourdough bread, among others light rye which I favour with salmon and delicious cheese. It lasts a week in the fridge and I cut the slices very slim and toast them…
I asked for their website and their Facebook sight to „like“ them…and saw their new website was done with Jimdo.com / very well designed.

Following this up I had a closer look at the Jimdo Team and saw they have a very large base in Hamburg.

Good on them / just finished my Jimdo profile.

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Ex - teacher of English and German, retired since AUG 2015. Teacher at the DHPS Windhoek, Namibia, from 1988-2004. Living in North Germany near LG and at the Gold Coast in QLD Australia. German Language Adviser of the Goethe-Institut Sydney from 1998 - 2005, based in Brisbane, Education QUEENSLAND. Coordinator & Director at Fritz Reuter Gymnasium, Dannenberg (Elbe) from 2005 - 2012. Active blogger and active citizen plus digital nomad - from time to time ...

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