Tweet Art Gallery

Great trip on Sunday 12th April 2015.

My third life in Australia

From Kingscliff towards Mount Warning you will drive along the southern shores of the Tweet River. Visit Tumbulgum Historic Village on the way and go to the local old pub, great for lunch and dinner.

Later driving into Murwillumbah do not cross the bridge after the roundabout, but take the first turn to the left and follow the road for a few kilometers.

Then follow the sign to the right and visit the Tweed Art Gallery – not open on MON and TUE, but from WED until Sunday (5pm).

You will be most impressed with the building and the gallery which has changing exhibitions.

The cafe on the platform offers an excellent view over the Tweed Valley with Mount Warning in the background. An excellent and most beautiful scenery.

There is a Motel along the road and a camp site around the corner.

Do mot miss out on climbing Mount…

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