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Dear friends / dear readers,
Just follow this discussion and make up your mind. We will be asked later: Did you know this happened?
Peter H Bloecker

My third life in Australia

Dear Yanis,
Having followed the media reports AND YOUR BLOG over the last few weeks if not months:
How can you state re referendum of “the Greek people” that they will agree although your government advises them NOT to agree.
This is foul play (Shakespeare).
This is pure poker gaming with a clear intention: We want to achieve as much as possible from the “EU states” (id est here their “institutions” like Euro-group).

– Generally speaking a lot of people in Greece and the EU must be confused. What exactly do you want them to decide on? Based on what information? With what intention?
– Many people do not know what is going on behind the curtains / they cannot know what you and other leaders know.
– The idea “trying to humiliate the population of Greece” is just cheap propaganda to influence people instead of informing them.

I do…

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Learn German online |

Learning German online |

My third life in Australia


I will publish a UDEMY course by the end of July 2015 titled “Master your German”.

The target group are adults who want to boost their German and teachers of German worldwide who would like to improve their German language skills to feel more confident in class.

The course will not be a traditional German Language class.

Instead I will coach you in video, in audio and text based sessions to improve your German Language skills at your own pace.

You might choose to work online a few hours per week or per month, absolutely your own decision. No rush and no pressure at all.

So boost your German language skills within one or two or more years.

To register you may wish to contact me and ask for more information. Write to me via: p.bloecker (at) hotmail (dot) com

or use the contact form on >  >>>> contact

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