Greek bailout by crowdfunding

Hmm… da macht sich ja einer richtig Gedanken / love this.

My third life in Australia

Why crowdfunding for Greece is not a joke, but a serious and possible option:

Just imagine, one million people all over the world put 1 Dollar in just to show they like the idea. Then 1 Million rich people put some of their money in because they feel good supporting Greece as well. NOW the CLUE: Then 100 rich Greek people from all over the world put 1 million each in and the Greek Government promises to pay this amount back in 2 years (without interest). Why should it be difficult to bail out Greece if it cannot be done by EU representatives and EU leaders?

Frau Merkel, how much would you put in from your own private account?

Yanis Varoufakis and Mr. Tsipras, how much would you put in?

I will certainly support this initiative once it goes ahead by some young Greek IT students.

More about the Greek…

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