Back from Germany again …

My trip back home started mid July and came to an end on the last day of August, flight via China back to Brisbane and home by the Gold Coast train, easy travelling and all went well. My trip to Frankfurt was not good at all, around midnight my flight to Schiphol was unexpectedly cancelled and the plane left 7 hours late, early in the morning. What went worse, though, was my arrival in Holland at the main airport at the beginning of the summer vacations: So many planes were late that being without a boarding pass I had to queue at several Transit counters, before some KLM staff helped me to print out a new bording pass. However the plane had already left for FRA and the later planes were all booked out. Having travelled for such a long time already, I was not prepared to queue again to get my luggage, but I acceped an overnight stay in a hotel, which staff told me was at the airport. However the taxi took me 35km away and so I got stuck a second time, now in Europe, but worse: Getting home from door to door took me more than 60 hours! Should have chosen a boat instead!

Anyway, now back here in Burleigh I do enjoy the most beautiful beaches and sunny days and am happy, I am back again in Australia. More to come soon from


Peter H Bloecker

Find us on AirBnB and book a private room / you are most welcome 🙂

This is Coolie | NSW Australia | filmed by phb

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