Four Education Blogs to Explore this Back-to-School Season

Interesting – from different parts of the world but one topic: EDUCATION …


In many parts of the world, a new school year is either underway or about to kick into gear. Whether you’re an educator, parent, student, or just an involved citizen who cares about engaging and inclusive classrooms, the following sites offer a mix of resources, reading recommendations, and lively conversations.

Pernille Ripp

Born in Denmark and currently teaching seventh-grade English in Wisconsin, Pernille Ripp is an educator, author, and speaker. She’s been blogging since 2010 on a wide range of topics, from encouraging literacy to fostering a nurturing and inclusive classroom environment. For a taste of Pernille’s writing, check out a recent post on the first day of class, or her essay on the subtle, but real cost of mispronounced names:

As we look at our incoming students and the names that they carry, I feel the importance of the correct pronunciation. How their names carry their…

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Social Media and IT – gutes Interview

Joi Itō : „Gibt man jedem eine Stimme, sind die Arschlöcher die Lautesten“ | ZEIT ONLINE

Dieses Interview habe ich gern gelesen und empfehle es deshalb weiter: Thema u.a. kritische Sicht der AI und Auswirkungen von Social Media. Wie wollen wir unsere Zukunft gestalten und wie wollen wir human miteinander leben? Hasstiraden im Internet bewirken das Gegenteil von dem, was moeglich ist …. Make the world a better place and more …phbimage_551604327356927