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… this is an example only (in German)

Autodidakt / Online Learning / Dazu mein Hinweis

Check out free courses first by filter and if you like the platform, buy those you like if discounted.

For some very good courses I paid only 10% of the original price!



Learn to live and more …

Why are you alive on Udemy (dot) com


First comes food and then morals … said BB (Bert Brecht) – here his statue in Berlin at Schiffbauer Damm.

One of the most interesting and fascinating authors Germany has ever had since Thomas Mann and J W GOETHE… I would guess!

My question would be phrased differently: Why are you still alive …

Indeed, an existential question I would not dare to answer, however, if interested pls follow my BLOG here – which might inspire you to phrase YOUR OWN QUESTIONS and find your own answers to these questions …

Interested now? Good on you …

BB on my BLOG

Fruehe Tagebuecher Brechts