Bret Weinstein acknowledges Peterson' s approach of psychology and relates it to his evolution theories of biology - great interview - I enjoyed it! Great questions and clear answers by Bret Weinstein. Will further follow this discussion, of course ... phb

"If you pay attention to what you do and say, you can learn to feel a state of internal division and weakness when you are misbehaving and misspeaking. It’s an embodied sensation, not a thought. I experience an internal sensation of sinking and division, rather than solidity and strength, when I am incautious with my... Continue Reading →

"A child who pays attention, instead of drifting, and can play, and does not whine, and is comical, but not annoying, and is trustworthy—that child will have friends wherever he goes. His teachers will like him, and so will his parents. If he attends politely to adults, he will be attended to, smiled at and... Continue Reading →

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