Just love this kind of sky - reminds me of my North Sea vacations when a child .... better than blue sky ... for sure! Yours phb

Europa steht unter Druck. Nationalismus, Populismus, Flüchtlingskrise, Schuldenwirtschaft, Brüsseler Dirigismus und Brexit nagen an seinen Grundfesten. Umso wichtiger ist es, sich auf die aufklärerische Essenz des Kontinents zu besinnen: Freiheit und Gleichheit, Differenz und Solidarität. — Read on http://www.nzz.ch/meinung/tragen-wir-sorge-zu-europas-wertordnung-ihr-entwaechst-noch-immer-das-weltweit-attraktivste-lebensmodell-ld.1456528 Dem schliesse ich mich an: Warum uns Europa wichtig ist ... Yours phb

John Anderson in conversation with Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin at a private forum event in Sydney in February 2019. — Read on johnanderson.net.au/conversations-featuring-jordan-peterson-and-dave-rubin/ About trust and reading and truth and courage and more ...be yourself and reveal who you are! Do not hide and do not apologise! This was published Feb 2019 in Australia... Continue Reading →

It is 8 p.m., still early enough for tourists to stroll about and city buses to zoom by, and also too early for the arrival of Karl Lagerfeld, designer of Chanel, Fendi, Lagerfeld Collection, a new Karl Lagerfeld line, and “the reason we are all here!” — Read on nymag.com/nymag/features/15746/ More about his background ...... Continue Reading →

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