Learning Math With Manipulatives – Base Ten Blocks (Part I) https://educationplr.ga/learning-math-with-manipulatives-base-ten-blocks-part-i/ — Read on educationplr.ga/learning-math-with-manipulatives-base-ten-blocks-part-i/ This is a very important pattern for children and young people and even adults: Bad teaching means, people have never really understood this pattern! Very good for learning numbers in Foreign Languages: Just focus on the differences in your own... Continue Reading →

Verrohung in Social Media Wieso lachen Teenager über Gewalt und Verbrechen?Jugendliche teilen immer häufiger Kinderpornografie. Und posten darunter lachende Emojis. Was macht sie derart kalt? Mehr erfahren Sie auf FAZ.NET unter:  https://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/inland/wieso-teenager-ueber-gewalt-und-verbrechen-lachen-16465347.html?premium=0x57d377308f98de0c9eae497d6e88e5db&GEPC=s5 Gesendet aus FAZ.NET Erhältlich im App Store Das alles beginnt im Elternhaus und auf dem Schulhof in den Pausen und Eltern und Lehrer /... Continue Reading →

LINK Google Documents Download and learn these words and phrases I will produce a session on my podcast Business German reading this out for you My Pod BGP List of free resources online The App is free for learning vocab - checked it out and can recommend it Yours phb

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