Different faces of democracy


In the Anglo Saxon World the principle of Winner Takes It All looks like democracy!

Do not be deceived, though!

There are many faces of the democratic systems, have a close look!

In my view, minorities must be represented in state parliaments, this is why a 5 % clause like in Germany is a good system: Whereas in Britain only two parties really represent the population because the Winner Takes It All, in Germany and other nations coalitions have to be formed to get a majority. This is why the Green Party started with about 5 % of votes decades ago, but has a support of more than 20 % now in the population because they were represented in the German Bundestag and were able to convince the population with their party program and their candidates. The latest result in Britain demonstrates, what the system of The Winner Takes It All really means in a democracy: Minorities have no chance at all!

The same happened now in the US caucus in Iowa – totally out of control and unreliable!

The voting system must be updated! Trump became POTUS, although the numbers of voters for Clinton were absolutely higher! So in fact he had lost the election! In absolute numbers!

Digest and think for yourself now – good night!

Best yours


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