Frauen / women / Tag der Frau

My love / my wife / my beautiful

Can I Sleep in You Arms

recorded by Willie Nelson

written by Hank Cochran

C                   G7           C

Can I sleep in your arms tonight lady


It’s so cold lying here all alone

    C                       F

And I have no holds to hold on you

C                 G7        C

I assure you I’ll do you no wrong

                       G7         C

Don’t know why but the one I love left me


Left me lonely and cold and so weak

    C                        F

And I need someone’s arms to hold me

         C                    G7         C

Till I’m strong enough to get back on my feet

                 G7             C

I haven’t smiled since she left me


Cause a smile somehow seems out of place

      C                     F

And I just need two lips to kiss me

       C                   G7            C

Then I can smile again and I can show my face

“It is extremely beautiful to belong to a woman, to give yourself. Don’t laugh if I sound foolish. But to love a woman, you see, to abandon yourself to her, to absorb her completely and feel absorbed by her, that is not what you call ‘being in love,’ which you mock a little. For me it is the road to life, the way toward the meaning of life.”

Quote from Herman Hesse from Narcissus and Goldmund

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