Check out my profile here and download the Medium App for free This is one of the many articles I found when researching Homestay on Google ... My theory: You do not have to be rich to travel around the globe ... It is only a question of Know How and courage and Live Your Dreams ... Best from Burleigh QLD The Place To Be Yours... Continue Reading → Read a report from Italy ... Question remains: What other options do we have? All these speculations and related numbers of flu etc / What does this mean when you are over 60 and cannot breathe and there are no hospital beds available? Best wishes and keep your spirits up and take care ...... Continue Reading → Quote: We’ve been trying to figure out why Crown Casino in Melbourne has been allowed to stay open when so many other venues across the state have been forced to close under the new restrictions. According to Victorian premier Daniel Andrews, the reason is that the chief health officer has placed conditions on Crown and... Continue Reading →

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