The last glass of red wine …

This is a text for sixty plus readers about life and time …

I have followed texts about time and wasting time for the last 50 years …

A bestseller was the text: What do you regret most, a question asked in Hospiz palliative care …

This is a complex issue, so pls do not expect easy answers, but not thinking about your life and how much time you have left is simply said irresponsible …

As a boy I was fascinated by the Grimm’ s tale Gevatter Tod / personification of death …

A person accompanies death into a cave and there are many many candles, short ones and rather long ones and each candle represents an individual, a human life!

There are very small candles as well, already flickering, children …

This is not to worry you, but think about your life facing a serious pandemic COVID-19

Best yours


Photo credit: From Unsplash | Thank you:-)

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