Navarro Warning

Trump obviously knew better …

SZ zu Trump: Versager

Only Brazil has a president who is less competent than Trump …

Britain and Covid-19 after the Queen’s speech:

Boris Johnson in Intensive Care …

“Meanwhile, No 10 and the Department of Health have been frustrated with both NHS England, for allegedly failing to share data quickly enough at situation reports meetings on the state of services, and Public Health England, for not agreeing to look to private firms for outside testing capacity quickly enough. (…) The government would need to balance many factors in deciding whether to ease the lockdown. These include people dying directly from the virus itself, dying indirectly if the NHS became overwhelmed with cases, the effects of postponing other types of healthcare because of coronavirus, and the long-term health impact on people due to social and economic reasons.” – From The Guardian quoted

Australia has 5,844 cases and 44 deaths at present!

Australia’s chief medical officer, Prof Brendan Murphy:

He reports the latest figures, including 5,844 cases in Australia, 44 deaths, fewer than 100 cases in ICU, fewer than 40 people on ventilators.

He says what worries them is the 500 people in the community who have the disease but don’t know they have had it.

“That is why we cannot relax what we have been doing,” he says, but he adds that there have been impressive reductions in infection rates.


Hier der Link zu Florian HARMS – gute Zusammenfassung – TAGESANBRUCH

Der Spiegel NEWS am Abend

Keep distance and stay alert and healthy …

Best yours


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