With Maria Ines on the road again in Europe - Archive Best yours phb

While people in New York were playing tennis and people in Australia went camping, millions of people in Europe died because of the Nazis ... Today there are Nazis again in Germany ... And some in the USA and in Australia, mostly ignored ...which is good! Never ever again ... / Nie wieder Krieg! Stop... Continue Reading →

I do not have to read this, because I know why my relationship lasts ... Because I love her and this is all ... If we argue, I give finally up and have the last word ... Yes, my love ... Best yours phb

From my archive ... Travelling with our Landrover in Namibia ... My daughter Lisa and my son Hannes ... Best yours phb

Check out my Blogroll via Life in Burleigh QLD ... Maria Ines in Bled ... Camping in Europe and more ... Best yours phb

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