Bert Brecht


„First comes food and then morals“ … said BB (Bert Brecht) – here his statue in Berlin at Schiffbauer Damm.


One of the most interesting and fascinating authors Germany has ever had since Thomas MANN and J W GOETHE… I would guess!

Why do we live or what is life about or other similar questions have haunted many people over the last few thousands of years if they had the time to reflect at all!
My questions would be phrased differently: Are you alive or even better: Why are you still alive …or do you still feel alive?

Indeed, an existential question I would not dare to answer, however, if interested pls follow my BLOG here – which might inspire you to phrase YOUR OWN QUESTIONS and find your own answers to these questions …

Interested now? Good on you … more to come soon 🙂



B B on my BLOG

Fruehe Tagebuecher BB

B Brecht bei 

Stephen Parker – Eine Biographie

Brecht Archiv – Video
Erdmut Wizisla, Leiter Bertolt-Brecht-Archiv, über Bertolt Brecht

Akademie der Kuenste – Denken in Extremen

Gefoerdert u.a. von der FRIES – Gruppe

Brechts neuer DreigroschenfilmMackie Messer

Diverse Medienbeitraege  SUHRKAMP / INSEL # How to Brecht today

Der Autor Bert Brecht bei SUHRKAMP / INSEL

ZEIT Lernplattform SCHULE – Kafka und mehr …

ARTE TV – Wir haben Brecht

Die fruehen Opern wie Dreigroschenoper



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