p.dw.com/p/3eAjw Beginn der Zweiten Welle ... Listen to Christian Drosten 2. Welle / #50 Folge / ARD App Dem folge ich gern, weil er ueber den Hype hinaus wissenschaftlich argumentiret! Best yours phb

link.medium.com/SMQiyA3bn7 Deutsche Welle writes: Billions are at risk now ... China 2 nd wave has started ... Same in some parts of Berlin ... Stay safe and keep your distance / this is most important! Merkel is afraid of the second wave as well ... Best yours phb My comment on Medium dot com This... Continue Reading →

p.dw.com/p/3deoG 02:40 Global poverty could rise to above 1 billion people due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new study by King’s College London and the Australian National University. It found the COVID-19 crisis is reducing the income of the world's poorest by $500 million a day. Read more on Deutsche Welle Best yours phb

t.co/DMKWPFnczA Look at the situation in Brazil and see what will happen in GB ... Best yours phb

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