Out now / with Spotify and Amazon Prime I have given up buying music, but this one I will most certainly buy myself to get it all ... ny = Neil Young Yours phb

youtu.be/ZrVOcehCyCw Sounds like Janis Joplin is back from the orbit ... Music and more ... Best yours phb

Honky Tonk Heroes - Wikipedia — Read on en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honky_Tonk_Heroes Now SATURDAY on SBS Australia Live - later on SBS On Demand Next program is Jonny Cash, will link this here as well via SBS On Demand Best yours phb I followed as well June Carter and Emmylou Harris.

sz.de/1.4841880 Sehr schoenes Interview / Mee Two und Rassismus und mehr / The times, they are changing ... Best yours phb

This is awesome vimeo.com/46246490 LYRICS: on April the tenth, Nineteen Twelve a story began for which we must delve out of the port of Southhampton the liner did leave on a cruise to manhattan or so they believed it was the largest boat man ever built born from men who had breathed in the dust... Continue Reading →

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