Creative writing

Dear all

You may wish to practise your writing competence.

Look at some of my pics shot at the Gold Coast in 2012.  What questions come into your mind when seeings these photos?

  1. What does the picture express?
  2. What should be said about background and setting?
  3. What is exceptional here compared with other pictures you have seen before?
  4. Why do you find this picture more interesting than others?
  5. And more questions of your choice
  6. Your text should not be too long / not too short either!
  7. Do not forget the 3 parts >> intro /  main part or body / conclusion.
  8. Then count your words – approximately 150 to 250 words .
  9. Now correct and use  an online dictionary.
  10. Re-read your text aloud and make some necessary changes exploring your vocab and your style!

You may wish to reply

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