They called my father Johnny … and he loved the song Johnny B Goode …

Konrektor JDB

My father as Deputy Principal in his school near Kiel, Germany

City of Hamburg

In Hamburg – visiting my family there …

My grandfather survived both world wars and fled from Russian POW Camps in South Europe twice and walked home to do his job – which means looking after his family and farm in North Germany.

My father was sent to the Russian front in WW2, was wounded seriously there and only survived the 2nd WW, because he spent months in a hospital.

Before the Nazis sent him back to the front in Russia, he suddenly & unexpectedly received an order to move to the German – French border shortly before the war came to an end in May 1945.

He surrendered with his company waving white flags to the American soldiers instead of fighting back and so saved his whole company and his own life and went to a French POW Camp, where he survived the war.

He was released and cleared in 1947.

I was born in 1949 – here a photo from my archive.


With my younger brother Jens

Read his report from the Russian Front in 1943.

Ploen Birgit

Meeting my brother and his wife in Ploen – Schleswig – Holstein – great area for camping and cycling.

family Osterstedt

Family meeting in August – regularly every year on the SAT before school starts again – in Osterstedt, where I was born in 1949.

This site is dedicated to my parents & grandparents & my own two children and my family.


The most important lessons I learnt from my father was: Always take full responsibility of your actions and believe in yourself. You can make mistakes, but don’t make them twice.

The only real secret of success is: Get active and get things done.

Diese Seiten enthalten  Gedanken, Bilder, Reflexionen zum Verlauf von Leben und zum Thema ZEIT. (ideas and reflections about life and WHAT IS TIME and more …. explore by following selected LINKS).

Meine Leitideen sind Biographie, leben lernen und mehr.

LINK  zum BLOG “Master Your German”.

LINK zum BLOG “Mein Drittes Leben“.

LINK zur Homepage “Seniorbook” in Queensland, Australien.

Vorweg ein paar Gedanken …

Was ist die ZEIT eigentlich und warum rennt sie uns davon? Was macht sie mit uns? (What is TIME and why is it running away / passing so fast?)

Mehr dazu auf meiner Seite “Gelesen” LINK

Was ist ein erfuelltes Leben und was kann man tun, damit es gelingt?

(What is a successful path in life and what can you do to find it?)

Gibt es konkrete Hinweise, dass man “auf dem richtigen Weg” ist?

(Are there indicators that you have found the right path?)

Hier eine Auflistung von Kriterien, wie ein erfolgreiches, sprich glueckliches Leben aussehen koennte:

  • Dankbarkeit = Being thankful
  • Aufmerksamkeit = Awareness
  • Here and Now = Leben in der Gegenwart
  • Ehrlichkeit und Aufrichtigkeit = being honest and sincere
  • Gelassenheit und Geduld = patience
  • Offenheit = being open minded
  • Neugierde = being curious
  • Mut und Entschlossenheit = being courageous and determined
  • Beharrlichkeit = being persistent

Vorschlag: Bewerte dich auf einer Skala von 0 bis 15:

Wie sieht es aus mit deinem Mut, deiner Ehrlichkeit, deiner Beharrlichkeit, deiner Einschaetzung nach? / check yourself on a scale between 0 and 15.

  • Wo liegen deine Staerken? = Where are your competences?
  • In welchen Bereichen musst du noch an dir arbeiten? = In which fields do you have to work on yourself / improve?
  • In welchen Bereichen kannst du dich verbessern / steigern / noch zulegen?

ZIEL: Wenn du in allen Bereichen gute oder sehr gute Ergebnisse erreichst, duerfte dein Leben allgemein zielgerichtet und erfuellt und gluecklich verlaufen. = If your results are good or even better you have found your path in life. Main rule: Be yourself and do not pretend, listen to your inner voice as well, but do not stop thinking / reflecting. Ask good friends for feedback in certain situations.

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Hektors Reise und Suche nach dem Glueck > LINK

Menschenpflichten > LINK

10 Gebote der Gelassenheit > LINK

Published on YOUTUBE on 12th Oct 2018
I followed through the whole session and stopped in between looking some terms up and google some names. I find this lecture in front of young people a real highlight on YOUTUBE – would have liked to attend. I find Jordan B Peterson highly motivating and honest and sincere. Will certainly read his new book “12 rules for life” and try to digest it as much as I can. I do not understand in any way at present, why people and some journalists have called this professor “dangerous” and “rightwing” and more of this kind. I would rather highly recommend his book about life skills and will – as an educator – promote it on my BLOG on EDUCATION and Life Skills as well.
From QLD in Australia
Peter H Bloecker

Jordan B Peterson on TED / Toronto / Canada

Unfold your POTENTIAL


One of the slides from the presentation above / Poet is T S Eliot

J B Peterson on his mother’s 80th birthday …

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Dieser LINK hier fuehrt zum Motiv Reise / Wandern in der Romantik

  • vom Aufbruch bis zur Ankunft / coming home again in der Musik
  • exemplarischer Text: “Hyazinth und Rosenbluetchen” (NOVALIS)

Nationalgalerie Berlin

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