Outdoors …

This French RAPIDO is a beautiful and small pop up caravan which is not too long and too heavy, my brother and his family have used it for years. Before they sold it, I had a chance to test it in Croatia and Sardinia – two short vacations: Easy to tow and easy to set up – in fact in minutes. And the beauty of this model: We pulled out the kitchen and cooked outside. A fantastic and nearly perfect solution for European longer trips, I would even buy the latest and newly rebuilt version and use it for a few years and then sell for an appropriate amount – no real loss.



Whenever possible I have tried to leave my routine and work life – which was good – to fuel up …

us 2



These pictures are examples to give an impression what I mean and what I am gaining from outdoor life, travelling and camping.


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Windsurfing in Australia – the film – dailymotion via Youtube