May: Ready to kill ... Boris Johnson ist Populist und viele wenden sich nun von ihm ab ... Zu viel Gerede und kaum was erreicht! Hard Brexit vor der Tuer ... Fuer GB mehr Nachteile als jemals zuvor! Best yours phb Look at the situation in Brazil and see what will happen in GB ... Best yours phb Laut Meldung des SZ sei der Zustand des britischen PM stabil, er bleibe aber auf der Intensivstation! Read more via SZ App Best yours phb In the Anglo Saxon World the principle of Winner Takes It All looks like democracy! Do not be deceived, though! There are many faces of the democratic systems, have a close look! In my view, minorities must be represented in state parliaments, this is why a 5 % clause like in Germany is a... Continue Reading → Clear absolute majority for Tories with Boris Johnson, 368 seats! Labour leadership outvoted by the British people ... Best yours phb To understand the differences between the US and British voting systems compared with other democracies read this wiki - article: Understanding Boris Johnson and Trump and more ... yours phb

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