Honky Tonk Heroes - Wikipedia — Read on en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honky_Tonk_Heroes Now SATURDAY on SBS Australia Live - later on SBS On Demand Next program is Jonny Cash, will link this here as well via SBS On Demand Best yours phb I followed as well June Carter and Emmylou Harris.

de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merle_Haggard His life and career US country music Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson Best yours phb

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carter_Family American Country Music and its history ... Understanding Bob Dylan and more ... Best yours phb

g.co/kgs/JRwyU4 Check out via SBS App Australia Great series with stunning photos, most black & white Best yours phb

How did cowboy hats and boots become the visual iconography of American rural music? — Read on longreads.com/2018/08/01/the-cowboy-image-and-the-growth-of-western-music/

The co-authors of 'Country Music USA' – a revised edition of the genre’s definitive history – talk about the music’s African-American tributaries, its unpredictable politics, country radio’s woman problem, and working on Ken Burns’ forthcoming doc. — Read on longreads.com/2018/08/01/country-music-was-anything-but-pure-an-interview-with-bill-malone-and-tracey-laird/

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