Conversations: Featuring Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dave Rubin – John AndersonJohn Anderson

John Anderson in conversation with Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin at a private forum event in Sydney in February 2019.
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About trust and reading and truth and courage and more …be yourself and reveal who you are! Do not hide and do not apologise!

This was published Feb 2019 in Australia



12 rules for life – author JBP

Jordan B Peterson on his new book 12 rules for life …

Find out more about the author JBP here:

The Guardian View on JBP

The title insinuates the „rightwing“ (SIC!) writer / author / professor / thinker JBP is „dangerous“ or might be so …

How can a thinker in a public or academic discourse be „dangerous“ in a democratic context?

Do we live already in an Orwell world of HATE SPEECH or are we close to these Orwell visions?

Is someone who does not agree with you „dangerous“ or „must be watched / observed“ and if so by whom?

Are we through the abundance of social media on the way to a totalitarian society?

Is our western democracy model today more endangered from within than from outside?