Drones with nukes

They asked M if there were any good weapons in the world.
„Why do you ask“, replied M. As there was no reasonable answer he could happily bite his tongue and went on writing words on the blackboard as he often did.

A week later they asked M, if he had come to any conclusion. „About what“? he replied, wondering if they had had any bad dreams or seen some terrible films on TV .
They obviously had he concluded, when looking into their eyes.

„Well“, he said, „weapons are neither good nor bad. It always depends on the context and the situation and who is making use of them“.

They looked at M and then replied angrily: „You are always so complicated“!

He shrugged his shoulders and waited a little while until they had calmed down.
Then he said: „I would like to know if you prefer sword or dagger“.
They looked puzzled again and then asked what for.

„That is exactly the right question“, said M and smiled.