Unfortunately,with yourstatementoflastnigh,tyouhavechosenpublicspectacleoverpublic service. Because you have declared that you have no intention of resigning, I have asked the Presidentto removeyou asoftoday, andhehasdone so. By operation oflaw, theDeputy United StatesAttorney,AudreyStrauss,willbecometheActingUnitedStatesAttorney,andI anticipatethat shewillservein thatcapacityuntilapermanentsuccessorisinplace.See28U.S.C.541 ). NY City and Trump / another man fired who tries to uncover Trump is a liar and corrupt ... Best yours... Continue Reading →

„Nachrichten machen uns schlauer, aber nicht unbedingt weiser.Virenalarm hier, Flüchtlingskrise dort, Friedrich Merz sagt dies und Dietmar Hopp das, irgendwo gab’s eine Razzia, und in Belgien haben sie einen kopflosen Hund entdeckt, hat der Kioskbesitzer von nebenan erzählt, oder war es der Freund vom Kioskbesitzer? Bewaffnet mit Smartphones, auf die ununterbrochen Eilmeldungen, E-Mails, Facebook-Geblödel und... Continue Reading → In the Anglo Saxon World the principle of Winner Takes It All looks like democracy! Do not be deceived, though! There are many faces of the democratic systems, have a close look! In my view, minorities must be represented in state parliaments, this is why a 5 % clause like in Germany is a... Continue Reading → To understand the differences between the US and British voting systems compared with other democracies read this wiki - article: Understanding Boris Johnson and Trump and more ... yours phb

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